Frequently asked questions

What is the Fit Quiz?

The Fit Quiz is the process by which you create your Fit Profile, which contains information about your bra preferences, breast shape, and bra wardrobe. It's what we use to filter and recommend bras for you. Once you save your Fit Profile, it's yours forever. As your body changes throughout the years, you can update your Profile as many times as you need.

How do you find which bras are best for me?

The bras we recommend are based on your Fit Prrofile and the way that your current bra fits. We take this information and use it as the basis to identify bras that will fit you just as well, or better than your current bra.

What do you do with my data?

We know that your data and privacy is extremely important. Once you create your Fit Profile, it's stored in our database without any personally identifying information (ie: name, address, e-mail, etc.). When creating your Bra Box, our team may refer to your Fit Profile when selecting the best bras for you. Your data is included as a part of of the aggregate reports available to all of our users (ie: 15% of women have full-on-top breasts), and is used to give you access to our bra fit recommendations.

How much does a Bra Box cost?

When you order your Box, we ask you to name your ideal price range per bra (as well as other criteria you're looking for). We make sure that the 3-5 bras in your Bra Box match, on average, the price point you've defined. We also don't expect that you'll keep everything in the box, just the items you like! On average, our customers pay between €35-€60 per bra.

I want to order a Bra Box. Do you ship to my country/region?

Currently, we are only able to ship Bra Boxes to customers in Europe. If you don't live in these countries, you're welcome to take the Fit Quiz and we'll update you when we're ready to ship to your region.

What happens if the bras don't fit?

First: that's really frustrating, and we're sorry. You'll just need to send them back, at no additional cost. Second: we're working to get better, and your fit feedback - even when it's negative - helps us do just that. Every bra you try helps us get closer to the bras you actually need, and we expect that we'll have some misses with your first box. Over time, the better we get to know you, the more precise we can become. Since we're in the business of making you happy, we'll gladly offer you one complimentary exchange of the items in your Bra Box if you'd like to try the styles in another size.