Our Comfy Bra Box was designed specially for your loungey weekends and pre-period days. They're the perfect solution when you don’t feel like wires, but still want to give your boobs a hug. 
Each Comfy Bra Box is lovingly hand-wrapped and contains a personal note to make sure that unwrapping it feels like a gift to yourself. Your selection will contain 3-5 bras, featuring: 
  • Wire-free styles (life's too short to always be wearing underwire)
  • Both padded & non-padded styles
  • Cotton, microfiber for a more natural and light feel
  • Simple, monocolor designs

There is no size too large or too small for a Comfy Bra Box. 
  1. Create your Fit Profile - it's yours to keep and update forever!
  2. Choose which style of Box you want, then customize it to exactly how you want. We'll read every word to make sure you feel understood.
  3. Pay for our Custom Fit Service to reserve your Comfy Box
  4. Try your Bra Box at home, tell us what you'd like to keep & return
  5. Send back your returns in the designated timeframe, at no extra cost