In 2018, Missfits was hatched because we were tired of wasting time and money on bras that don't fit.


A bit of digging revealed why this was the case: size is the only tool we have to search for bras today, yet it's an archaic one. Modern-day bra sizing was developed in the 1970s, and relies on just two measurements. Since then, non-standardized implementation of the system, changes in women's morphology and preferences, and new textile innovations have rendered this system all-but obsolete.

It's no wonder then, that bra shopping is a ubiquitous challenge. For a garment that's meant to shape and support us as we move through different life stages—from puberty to pregnancy and mastectomy to menopause—finding the right fit is a matter of more than two measurements.

At Missfits, we measure each garment along 22 dimensions to create a truly universal fit standard. We match these against your unique shape and the bras you already love wearing, so we can consistently deliver you bras that will make you feel your best every day.

We believe that every woman deserves to feel confident and supported in her bra, and we dream of a world where the experience of buying one feels seamless, empowering, and personal. 

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