We started with a simple belief: Bras should feel good to buy and to wear.


People who wear bras are the same people who create art, invent new technologies, teach our children, and build businesses. They're our mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. And the first thing they put on each morning is often really, insanely uncomfortable.

We asked ourselves: "What would it mean to create a company that was fearlessly dedicated to improving our relationships with our bras - and by extension, our own bodies? Whose sole purpose was to empower the people who wear them, by helping them feel more comfortable, knowledgeable, and understood? 

We chose "Missfits" because it describes our feelings about constantly searching, but never quite finding the bras that both felt good and represented our unique style.

Welcome, Missfits. We built this just for you.

Charlotte Chiang, Founder



The lingerie industry is premised on a sizing system developed in the 1970s, and relies on just two measurements. For a garment that's meant to shape and support us as we move through different life stages—from puberty to pregnancy and mastectomy to menopause — size just isn't enough.

So, we're doing things differently. At Missfits, we measure each bra along 22 dimensions to create a truly universal fit standard, and match these to your unique shape and needs. When you buy a Bra Box, you become part of the solution. Each bra you try directly improves the accuracy of our fit recommendation for you and all of our customers.

By making sure that the right product gets in the right person’s hands, we can also reduce waste in the fashion industry and help build a more sustainable future.

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